Oct 2009 Elle magazine - Now where did I put my toothpicks?

Our perceptions regarding body image are influenced by many external factors, not the least of which is popular media. So I practically flipped out of my chair when I read the October 2009 Elle coverlines featuring Victoria Beckham, promising an article that revealed her secrets to maintaining her “hard body”. I personally have nothing against Victoria, but the only thing hard about her body are her clearly visible bones. Forget about bringing her a cheeseburger, somebody get her a set of weights!

I know that fashion magazines are notorious for peddling the heroin-addict look  — the main reason why, in addition to their insistence on featuring fur, I refused to renew my Elle subscription after eighteen years as a loyal reader (are you listening, Elle?). But when they suggest that scrawniness is a “hard body”…oh COME ON! I’m not a fan of telling people to layer on fat, God knows enough Americans are doing that without needing encouragement. But honey, if you wanna play with the big girls, pick up a copy of Oxygen or M&F Hers on your way to the gym. And stay off the treadmill!