Since I’m rushing about trying to clean our condo in anticipation of visitors, I have only a minute to jump in here and leave a few words of wisdom. As I survey my workload, I’m reminded of a nice analogy for weight maintenance:

Maintaining your weight (or working towards a fitness goal) is a daily process. You can’t put it on the back burner for a week/month/year and expect to see consistent progress. It’s not unlike, say, keeping a clean house (gee, see how nicely this ties in?). If you tidy everything up one day but then go several weeks without sorting through papers, doing laundry or scrubbing food off the kitchen stove, and actually add to the problem by letting things lie where they drop, you’re going to build up quite a mess. You may get so accustomed to seeing the disarray that you’ll be able to ignore it until you’re told someone’s visiting in two days. That’s when you realize that the place is a complete pigsty, and as you panic and try to accomplish in two days what should have been done regularly over a few weeks, you cry out, “How did this happen???”

Ah, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that uttered by a hapless soul who woke up one morning 40 pounds heavier than they were months ago. And yet, I find myself in a similar situation…(okay, in all honesty, my place isn’t THAT bad. Please tell my mom if she asks).

The bottom line is: when it’s time to take care of business, just shut up and take care of business. When you’re at that ‘decision point’ where you choose between vacuuming or reading a magazine (no, really, it’s a scientific JOURNAL),¬† or between exercising or watching TV…the decision you make can have significant repercussions. Yes, it does matter if you skip today, because tomorrow’s excuse may seem even more valid. If you don’t work towards your goals on a daily basis, weeks from now you may find yourself staring at a big, fat mess.