Here’s round two of analogy overkill…

As a corollary to my previous post, here’s an analogy for establishing a novel behavior in that mass of neurons known as your brain.

Imagine you’re standing before an unmowed field. The grasses and whatnot are up to your neck. Getting through that tangled mess is going to be tough. So you set out and stomp through the grasses. They’re tall and spiky and you’re kicking up bugs. It takes effort, but you manage to get to the other end of the field eventually. Turn around and look at your work. You can vaguely see where you’ve been.

Return the next morning…and your path is gone. One day’s worth of pounding down grasses doesn’t last. You need to go back over it again. And again. And somehow manage to avoid the temptation of using that paved path that nearby.

Okay, I’m sure you get the point by now. What’ll it take to create lifestyle modifications? Consistency, effort, vigilance, awareness, time. Resist to urge to evaluate your success after a day or two. It’ll take a while to build a smooth path to your destination.

(And you DO have a destination, right?)